Sunday, January 10, 2010

Improved Made to Measure Suits

We know how much our clients like to be able to order a Made to measure suit at the same time as buying their bespoke shirts, so we have improved the house style sillouhette, and are now able to offer made to measure suits in a more Savile Row inspired style.

Remember, we offer some of the finest fabrics from Holland & Sherry and Dugdale, and particularly recommend the new Holland & Sherry Inter City range of fabrics which for a 2-piece suit we are able to offer at an unbeatable £450. An example of a suit from this fabric in a plain Navy is shown to the right.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New socks coming soon

We still have some of the Navy Corgi socks in stock in Large size, but all the Medium size are sold.

We have been working with a family owned sock manufacturing business based in Turkey and will soon be bringing you a fantastic range of luxury OTC socks in a wide range of colours. The socks have been made and refined until we have a quality that rivals any of the best UK sock producers, but because we use a family run Turkey based factory we can keep the sock prices low leaving you with more money for your bespoke shirts and made to Measure suits!

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New house pattern for made to measure suits

We have changed the Made to Measure suit company that we use, and are now able to offer what we believe to be a much nicer sillouhette of suit. The image here shows one of our new jackets with a typical Savile Row style figure. The jacket shown is made with Holland & Sherry's Inter City range in Navy, an excellent business suit fabric. Suits made from this fabric are just £450 for a straight finish (£50 extra with a forward fitting).

If you want a stylish made to measure suit to go with your bespoke shirts then contact us today for an appointment.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bespoke or Made to Measure

It is quite simple but often abused. The difference between bespoke and made-to-measure.
Bespoke involves a garment, be that a sduit of shirt, made from scratch. It will mean that no pre-existing pattern is used for the first shirt or suit for the client. The pattern is drawn up by hand from a range of measurements and figuration details, drawn out on paper and the fabric cut to that pattern. The pattern is unique to the client - nobody else has a garment made from that pattern. The pattern is then fully modifiable to ensure the best possible fit. Everything else after that is a bonus - such as hand stitching etc.
Made to Measure on the other hand uses pre-existing patterns that are used with some modification to produce a shirt or suit that will fit the wearer generally better than ready to wear.
Both bespoke and made-to-measure may offer a full range of customisations, but the pattern is really the key to the difference.
Our shirts are bespoke - we make a new pattern for every client. Our suits on the other hand are made-to measure - we make them from pre-existing patterns.
So, when buying a bespoke suit or shirt ask if a personal pattren is drawn up and cut by hand. Make sure you are getting what is being advertised!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bespoke Shirts - A Royal Fabric

The Alumo Soyella Royal has arrived. A fantastic 75 g/m^2 240/2 - 240/2 100% Swiss Cotton, literally the most luxurious and fine cotton shirt fabric that we have seen.

The fabric has a handle and feel similar to silk, but is 100% long staple cotton.

Eight plain colours are available from White to Black with three shades of blue, a pink, a lilac and a cream.

These fabrics would make luxurious dinner shirts for that special event.

Book a consultation today and we will show you this fantastic range of bespoke shirt fabrics.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cotswold based but worldwide

We have had ordersfor our shirts from quite a few different countries, but yesterday we had our first order for a bespoke shirt and a pair of Corgi socks, from a client in Japan.

This really shows that quality British made products are in demand by people the world over.


Monday, November 23, 2009

The ultimate bespoke shirt fabric

Hot on the heels of the availability of S.I.C. tess fabrics, I have just been notified of the despatch from Switzerland of the swatch card for Alumo's new Super Royale range.
This is an awesome 2 x 2/240s which comes in six block colours. My feeling is that the white will be the most popular.
If you want to spoil yourself then this is the fabric from which to get your next bespoke shirt made!

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